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10 Myths about getting your hair done that I hear every day

Every day in the salon, I'm hearing hair myth or misconception over and over, and I think it's about time we cleared up a few of them! Here's 10 different myths about getting your hair done that I hear every day.

01.) 3 Layers/A few layers

Okay, number one. When I say to a client "Do you want layers in your hair?" and they respond with "Yes, but just three/just a few."

When cutting hair, there are a few different techniques to doing layers. The most common is to hold a vertical section of hair out from the head and trim the hair at an angle, leaving the hair at the top of the section shorter, gradually getting longer as the section of hair gets to the bottom. This results in many, many layers, not a specific number. If we were to cut “three layers” into your hair, you’d have visible ledges throughout your hair! Yikes!

Thanks to www.behindthechair.com for this hilarious meme that demonstrates this perfectly.

02.) Coloring/Perming/Chemically treating your hair permanently changes your hair for the rest of your life

Man, wouldn't that be nice! To be able to do your hair once and never have to do it again?!

Sometimes I wish this one was true, and it can seem like your hair will never go back to normal since it takes a while to grow out, but actually doing any sort of chemical treatment on your hair does not permanently change it forever. Your hair will continue to grow the same as it always has. If you’re experiencing changes in your natural hair, it is much more likely that it’s due to hormonal changes rather than getting your hair dyed, permed, relaxed, etc.

03.) Coloring your hair results in hair loss

Nope! If done with professional color by a professional who knows what they’re doing, you should absolutely not have any hair loss from your color service.

(I should note that there are those few that have allergies to hair dye. Though very rarely resulting in hair loss, this can result in minor itching, breakouts or minor burns on your scalp. If you are aware of any sort of allergy you may have to hair color, it’s wise to let your stylist know to prevent any issues with your service.)

04.) You have to go a few days without washing your hair before coloring it

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. If it’s been a while since your last wash, the natural build up on your hair can cause the color to not penetrate as well as it would with clean hair. It’s best to come with clean, dry hair!


Plucking a grey hair will make two grow back in its place

Aaaah! Those dreaded grey hairs!

Fortunately, this one is not true. Your hair will naturally grey over time, but just plucking out one will not make two grow back in its place. The melanin (color/pigment) in your hair will change on its own over time!

If you're not ready to embrace the natural silver (which I think is gorgeous, by the way), come see me and we can cover those few pesky ones that refuse to disappear!

06.) Brush your hair 100 times before bed to be the healthiest.

Phew! This sounds kind of exhausting, especially if you have super long and thick hair!

This myth goes back pre-20th century, before the early 20th century hygiene shift. Back then, without modern day shampoos, washing hair with soap was considered a last resort. Instead, women would brush their hair with a thick boar brush to distribute the natural oils throughout their hair to prevent oil buildup.

Now, shampoo takes care of that for us. When we shampoo our hair, it removes the natural day to day build up, while conditioner softens and smooths our hair!

07.) You can’t dye your hair while pregnant

Don’t you worry, you can still have pinterest-worthy hair while pregnant.


Research shows that dyeing your hair while pregnant is not going to harm you or your baby! The chemicals in hair color are not highly toxic, and it’s unlikely that much, if any of the chemicals will be absorbed through your skin. Certainly not enough to affect you or your bundle of joy!

Getting your hair done while pregnant can sometimes be a much needed self-esteem booster. As everything around you changes, it can feel amazing to truly feel beautiful.

08.) Dandruff always means your scalp is dry

There are two types of dandruff; wet/oily dandruff and dry dandruff. Here in the desert that is Utah, dry dandruff is much more common, but you can get wet/oily dandruff if your scalp is over producing oil.

If you are experiencing a type of dandruff and aren’t sure which, here’s an easy way to know;

Does your hair get greasy easily or quickly? Do you run your fingers through your hair or scratch your head and find your fingers slightly shiny after? If you said yes to either or both of these, you likely have wet/oily dandruff.

My suggestion is to use a tea tree shampoo such as Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo which has an amazing minty smell and makes your scalp tingle! Shampoo 2-3 times per week, and when you do, scrub your scalp with your nails really well. Shampoo twice if your scalp severely oily.

09.) Lather, rinse and REPEAT

Maybe you’ve heard this before, or read this on the back of a shampoo bottle when you forgot your phone while on the toilet (you know who you are).

This is actually not so much a myth, but a misconception. Most of the time, it's not completely necessary to shampoo your hair twice. The only times that it's really necessary is when you feel like your hair is really dirty and needs it. If you wash your hair and don't feel like you are getting a good lather in your shampoo, wash it once more time and watch as the lather gets a ton more foamy! That's when you know it's really clean. (How clean your hair is doesn't actually have anything to do with how foamy your shampoo is, but it does get foamier when it's clean. And, who doesn't like super sudsy shampoo?!)

10.) Hair grows faster when trimmed frequently

While it is true that healthy hair grows better, trimming your hair doesn't make the roots suddenly say "Oh my goodness I'm healthy so I'm going to start growing so much more!"

The thing is, it will feel like it's growing faster because if the split ends aren't there, you're experiencing less breakage and the length that naturally grows will be more noticeable! So want to notice your hair growing longer and seemingly faster? Come get a hair cut!

Have you believed any of these myths?

What things have you heard about getting your hair done that you're not sure if they're true or not?

Comment and let me know, and maybe we can de-bunk a few more hair myths together!

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