• Emily Powell

6 common questions about "Balayage"

Okay, you've probably seen it all over Instagram and Pinterest, but what actually is Balayage?!

I get asked this every day, especially since I specialize in balayage and it is the good majority of what I do all day every day.

1.) First of all, how do you pronounce it?!

Balayage is a French word meaning "to sweep". I've heard a bunch of different ways to pronounce it, but the true way is "BAH-LEE-AHGE" If you're still confused, click here for a video of someone saying it!

2.) Now you know how to pronounce it, but what even is it?

Balayage is a technique of lightening hair that gives a very natural and dimensional look. It can range from a more "sunkissed" look to more of a dramatic contrast from dark to light in the hair, but the main concept is the same. No harsh lines, blended, and easy to grow out.

Another term for balayage is "hand-painting", because the stylist is painting the lightener on your hair to give it a less structured, balanced look.

3.) What makes this different than highlights?

Most frequently, balayage is done open-air, or without foils or caps. This gives a unique ability to create a perfectly customized look from person to person. You can create a brighter piece where you want it a bit brighter, and make the lighter pieces higher and lower depending on the look you're going for.

There are different ways of doing balayage, as well as different plays on the word such as "foil-ayage" (balayage technique in foils) or "bowl-ayage" (balayage done at the shampoo bowl). These all give the same types of look, just use different techniques based upon the look the stylist is wanting for their client.

4.) Does balayage look good on everyone?

YES! One of the best things about balayage is how customizable it is from person to person! It can be done on every type of hair from a short pixie cut to waist length hair.

5.) What is the maintenance like?

Depending on how a balayage is done, it can be very easy to grow out. Usually, the light pieces don't touch the root of your hair, leaving no line as it starts to grow out. A balayage most often uses your natural color as a base and brightens it up with lighter pieces.

I suggest to come in and have it quickly toned every 3-5 weeks, and re-touched every couple of months or whenever you're feeling like you'd like to be a little bit brighter.

6.) How long does it last?

This question goes right along with number five! A balayage can last quite a long time. I have a few clients that bring it up only twice a year! Most often, my clients come in and have it touched up every 2.5-3.5 months to keep the brightness high. It's personal preference how you like your hair, which is what makes it so nice for each person and different lifestyles. You can have it how you like!

What do you think? Is balayage something you think you'd like to try? Send me a message or book your appointment today and we can chat about how to customize your hair for your lifestyle and needs!

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