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at home care

At home care


to ensure your color lasts as long as possible:

- Wash your hair in cooler water

- Use your recommended shampoo & conditioner

- Wash your hair as infrequently as possible (1-2x/week is best)

- Use a quality dry shampoo 

- Make sure to come in for regular trims (every 3-4 months max) to minimize breakage & promote healthy growth



to make your hair last beautifully between services:

- For blondes: Use the recommended purple/blue shampoo to maintain your tone

- For brunettes: Consider a deep condition or gloss to maintain moisture and shine

-For gingers & fashion colors: Ask about a custom colored conditioner to keep your color vibrant & fresh

-For everybody: Come in for a quick tone & treat between services to refresh & extend the life of your color

-Deep condition your hair at home with Olaplex no. 3 to maintain strength & health of your hair


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